Friday, 2 April 2010

Rage quit!

Not me!

Got to see it for myself first hand last night though, my newbie friend and me decided to run a lvl 4 last night... The assult, which has scram frigs in it.. Nasty little buggers that stop you warping out, I lost a few ships to them in the past!
Anyway as the mission got started and I after a few kills we had to warp out as the incoming was harsh so we bugged out, as I was waiting for my repper to do it's job I had a important phone call come in, my freind instead of waiting for me warped back... 10 mins later I come back and find he has logged, after losing his drake he decided to ask my Corp to boot me and blames me for the ships loss?
I tried to talk to him this morning on messenger about it and explain it was his idea to warp back without me, that people have been telling him his setup was wrong for a while which didn't help and that he was ignoring the main rule of warping out when you get 50% through your tank, he was waiting till armor to warp.
I have offered as a measure of help 30 mill to get him set back up but it seems the loss of the drake is something he won't let go...
Personaly I hope he does come back, but understanding when you lose a ship it's almost always your own fault.

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