Friday, 30 April 2010

Eve I Missed you!

Ok I got on for a couple of hours tonight!!! I now now what's going on and where I am headed.. Indigo bias is disbanding and we are joining a new Corp... Sons of Viagra... If they accept us that is ( but who wouldn't love us), so it seems we will be part of sys-k if all goes well!

For the most part I spent the evening on autopilot jumping the 43 jumps to get my ratting ship near to their null entrance , had a nice chat with a few of them they seem cool and I think I'm gonna get the chance to learn a lot about fleet fights out there!
I also need to give a shout to wolfduke for being more than fair paying me for the crap I had that he can't find and just being a general cool cat.

Only problem I can see coming is I am 17 days away for a 3 week holiday so I'm hardly gonna have time to settle in before I dissapper for a bit.

As a side note I'm keeping several frigs and jump clones in rens for Wednesday fight nights, anyone that has emailed me please also eve mail zombinuts as if one if us can't make it the other one should be there!

Have fun

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