Thursday, 15 April 2010

Im playing match maker now..

I had a small adventure last night, I logged on in high sec space (teon to be exact) and bought my self some skill books and some faction crystals ready to go back to null, I couldnt inject one of the kill books, drone interfacing, as I had about 15 hours for drones V to complete and couldn't jump clone back to null for about 2 hours, so I decided to throw the book and ammo in an amarr shuttle and go back the long way.. I got started on the 33 jump route back to SJJ and it was going quite well.. then as I warped from a planet to the stargate bad things happened..I went flying past the gate, dragged into a warp bubble about 70 km from the gate..bollocks!
At first I thought I was going to get lucky as at first glane there didnt seem to be anyone about.. so I aligned to the gate and hit full speed, hoping i'd make it before anyone noticed hindsight I should have warped off and come back from another angle..but I didn't and a few seconds later the dramiel appeared in my rear veiw and opened fire..and warp scramed me.. bye bye shuttle, as my clone was in FEM near our home system I didnt even try to save the saved me a long trip.
Turns out it was a Solar fleet bubble camp... git's.

All the while the events above were happening i was talking to a few people, mainly the Guys in Topgear Venture's public chat including fellow eve blogger SOB. a few hours later I was talking to my old CEO Noah about his plans for TGV joining an alliance, he was still looking in to all his options, I asked if he wanted me to introduce him to the Guys in SHA and see if he would like to join our alliance, seemed a good fit, we were looking for small - medium corps to join us and he wanted a good alliance, plus i trust both party's and know they would get on. So later that night I gave Wolfduke (my CEO and all round good egg) the contact detail's to see what happens, couldnt stay on long enough to see the out come of those talks, but if TGV were to come on board, would be great for me as they were a good bunch of guys and i loved flying with them, I love Ingo bias to, and trust Wolf totaly.. if my attempt at match making comes off i will be very pleased but we will see.