Thursday, 29 April 2010


I have offically turned in to my father! I am now seeing all teenagers as trouble makers since my two cousins moved in, this is still limiting my playtime at the moment as i have spent the last few nights either on the phone trying to sort everyone out or running them about to see their "freinds" (read loacl hooligans and drug addicts).
As a result i appologise to anyone that was interested in the wednesday PEWPEW i will get it sorted for next week, and worse case senario i will forward all the invites to SOB to sort out..but im hoping life will settle back down for me this week.
In Eve our corp has now left null completly but due to the assets and ships being moved this week while i have been offline i have no idea where any of my ships are, I have seen eve mails some saying the corp is disbanding and joining another corp some saying we are headed into a new alliance...who knows. either wayt i need to get back into the game and back to null as soon as posible...if those SODDDING TEENAGERS WIL GIVE ME SOME PEACE AND QUIET.

(old man rant over)