Tuesday, 6 April 2010

1 ship 2 ship 3 ship...

I spent most of today in hospital woth a prolapsed disc ( nasty back problem) as a result I will be spending the next few days home on the sofa ...playing eve.
This afternoon I found a station close by in null to buy a punisher and half the mods to kit it for pvp, I then made the daring trip to get it back to our POS and felt quite proud of myself, I even managed to get a corp member in high sec to buy the remaining mods and ammo I wanted and get it on the jump freighter coming up ( eventually).
I was about to log off an hour or so later when my CEO wolfduke and my first pvp instructor and friend curzon jazz jumped in to system, I remembered jazz flew amaar ships and asked if he had anything I could buy for ratting, and as luck had it, he had a fully rigged harby that with a few Tweeks will work perfect!!
I took it for a quick test run with jazz and it seems to do great against the rats, only problem I had was keeping up with jazz, his ship was a animal, I really hope to learn a lot about fittings and pvp from him!

I think I'm gonna fit in just fine out here lol!

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