Wednesday, 21 April 2010

RR carriers are awsome - volcanos are not!

I had chance to run a couple of sites last night with one of the guys in my alliance, I was in my trusty harbinger, he was in his carrier..and damn those things are awsome!! He was eating the cruisers and above with his drones while keeping me alive during the inital wave of DPS that would normally pop me fast!!

Also I have had a lot of advice now on my idea of a industrial alt..Mrs dominix will be created soon..if I Win enough for a plex or two on CKs blog banter contest she will be here before my holiday if not, I will be creating her when i get back (more likely as I cant even win a bigmac at macdonald's normally). im thinking about having her as a minitamar char, that way if I ever dive into the fan fiction could do a back story of a slave girl my main purchaced and grew to love...corny as hell but I like it!

on a totally un related note im bloody relived the ban on UK flights has been lifted as im due to fly in 28 days...and iceland im warning you ...if you screw with my holiday...bad