Sunday, 4 April 2010

Head first!

I have reached a turning point today, I have been it waiting as many of you know to get out to null and start living a life away from empire, also after my newbie freind losing a drake and blaming me I have been considering if I should move corps to avoid any bad feelings...
Well as I was running some missions today I was contacted by my first CEO, wolfduke, great guy that taught me a lot as I started out in eve, his Corp has evolved and is doing very well in null sec now , to cut a long story short, he offered me a place in null to call home and I accepted.
I have now sold most of my crap in empire and have a large ( to me) wallet, I'm now sitting in a trade hub in null sec waiting for the roles to drop so I can join the Corp properly and head over to the pos.
I will keep you all up on how the move to null goes but I think it will work very well as I have a lot of trust in wolfduke, and by this time tomorrow I will be part of the SHA again..
Exciting times!

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