Friday, 23 April 2010

The first rule of fight club is..

Ok this will be quite short ..Last night was filled with a bit of ratting (and some nice loot drops) a nuet fleet getting close to SJJ and me getting all excited about a impending fleet fight..only to fizzle out, and me jumping back to lowsec about 9'ish and going on a low sec roam,with Zombinuts where we failed to get into a fight...interesting but dull.

On the up side we (me and zombinuts) came up with a idea, holding a "fight club" on a wednesday night, a few people comented on our pvp practice and said they were happy to cme fight 1v1 and learn and teach ect..
So heres the idea, if your game, eve mail me and next wed I will try to find a system probably near rens or jel and set up so 1v1 frig fights..
the rules will be :

T1 hulls only
no T2 or office mods
Fighting is consentual
NO podding
No bitching if/when your ship gets popped.

We will take turns fighting or observing , to make it leagal you will can flip 1 unit of ammo each warp out, then warp in at location and begin.
If a few people are interested we should be able to get 2-3 fights each and see how everyone does.

This will be ment as a bit of fun/learning expirence, expect to lose everything you I said if this sounds like fun to you eve mail me and i will let you know the time an venue.