Thursday, 1 April 2010

advice from a ninja??

cyberin @ hands off , my loots wrote a interesting post on how to get rid of ninjas from a ninjas point of veiw..more insightful than i expected i have to admit.
i disagree with him on 2 points, firstly if you are in anyway expirienced with pvp, and you have a 50% chance of popping a ninja, do it on prinicipal. I adopt that attitude because it is A) fun and B) ninjas as he points out are not invincible, and while they can come back in a gank ship SO CAN YOU. if your nervous about getting in to a fight tho you probably should just pay them off.
the second point i disagree with is popping the wrecks which he see's as fun and causing tears, to me thats not tears thats just a "if I cant have it you cant either" way of thinking. But my dissagreements with these to points is my personal opinion, im not saying it will provide a better outcome for you in the slightest. was very interesting to read how to get rid of a ninja from a nija's point of veiw though.

On a side note I finally got to chat in game with Zombinuts (eve SOB) and fellow blogger last night, for any one that hasnt been reading his blog he has been looking for a new home for zombinuts and is considering the possibilty of joining Top gear ventures, he was most entertaining in public chat last night and I am hoping to fly with him soonish even if he diecide's to go with another corp ( I couldn't blame him after SOMEONE asked "borrow his wife" in exchange for entry.).

Have fun.