Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Im a giant NOOB!!

Until recently I have Not really thought of my self as a Noob since the first month or so of playing..I had told my self one i could fly that battle cruiser i was a bad ass...once I could fit most of it T2, I was a little tough nut...once i was breezing lvl 3 and 4's i was unbeatable...WRONG!!!!

My recent move to null has shown me just what a NOOB I am! From the small but interesting revelations such as living in a POS, you dont dock your ship...so how to you change fittings?? (to answer, you fly close to the control tower and open the fittings screen) to the relatively massive ego blow of fighting a few cruisers and a battleship and not packing enough of a punch with 5 T2 beams to break the big rat's tank. It has been humbleing to be sitting in system following carriers about ratting and watching the way these giants eat the rats around them.

The best thing I think to come out of being in null sec is the desire to perfect my skills now, and seeing how to.. for instance.. I currently have 4.6 million skillpoints..with my current harby set up, I have 1 min 35 seconds of capacitor (running everything..which i dont) and output for the sake of argument 150 dps (it's not that but I wont tell people exactly what to tank for)..using evemon and EFT and seting all skills to V, I have 6 mins of capacitor with the same setup and am doing almost double the DPS.
This has caused me to look at where exactly I can make the gains, currently i only have Drones to IV so that was my first move, field another drone, i also recently learnt the bonus the skill "Drone Interfacing" give's and will be training that.. In the longer term I can also increase my battlecruiser skill from III to V giving me (in a harby) 20 less cap drain from my guns and 10% more damage..you get the idea what im trying to do, I intend now to focus on making the relevent skills I have much more efficant squeezing every drop of DPS out of my ships instead of focusing on the prerequisit's for the next ship or skill I want. I think this is the biggest difference between the carebears and the Null or lowsec PVP dwellers..in empire near enough is good enough and you can get by far to easily without optimizing what you have, in null, less than perfect is waking up in you new clone vat.

To anyone thinking of moving to null, I would say go for it, but before you move, check the logistics set up. get your ships to the POS and start working on any of the skills you glossed over.