Monday, 19 April 2010

Imagine if you will..

I was reading a very interesting post today by one of the new blog pack members over at the hydrostatic capsule (congratulations by the way) he raised a VERY interesting point about being able to track large fleet's.
It got me thinking about how this type of idea would work and the impact it could have on the game..I like the idea of being able to track the Large fleets but the way i would suggest to do it is introduce a skill that at lvl 1 you can see if there is a fleet of 30+ ships within 3 jumps..not where they are or what they are..just somewhere within 3 jumps, the range could expand with the skill level.
It would make eve Blob tactics a lot more interesting so as to disguise movements you would have to break the large fleets in to smaller roaming gangs to move into a system then form to attack, it would make fleet ops a LOT more interesting in my eyes, and would encourage a rank system for FLeets of junior FC's that would be responsable for getting there "section" of the fleet into the target area safely..

maybe in a future expansion but id love to hear your veiws on it..even if its just to blow holes in the idea.